$150+ Prize Pool - Collector's Cache KC Area Midseason Showdown

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    Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/803443599830154/

    Get excited for 2017 VGC action with the Collector's Cache Midseason Showdown in Lenexa, Kansas!

    Pre-registration link: http://labs.pokegym.net/register/17-05-000139
    Location: 13354 College Blvd, Lenexa, Kansas 66215
    Date: Sunday May 21st. Check-in is from 10 AM - 11 AM. Please preregister!
    Entry fee: $20 for Masters, $10 for Juniors and Seniors

    Prizing is awarded as cash. Additional payout for each age division may be offered depending on attendance. All players will also receive a participation decal. Players will also receive Championship Points as per the CP table for Midseason Showdown. The following payouts are GUARANTEED:

    1st - $75 + Champion Trophy
    2nd - $40
    3rd / 4th - $20

    1st - $30 + Champion Trophy
    2nd - $10

    1st - $30 + Champion Trophy
    2nd - $10

    Standard tournament procedures:
    • Please have the latest version of Sun and Moon downloaded (1.2).
    • Please have the 2017 World Championships Rules downloaded onto your system. You can access this in-game via Festival Plaza -> Battle -> Download Rules.
    • Swiss rounds are best-of-three. Swiss rounds and the size of the following single elimination bracket (top cut) are determined by attendance. This is a 1-day event on Sunday, so top cut will happen after Swiss rounds are completed.
    • You will fill out a team sheet that must reflect the in-game team EXACTLY, including stats and attack order. Any differences found may result in the removal of said Pokemon for the remainder of the competition. This is done as an anti-cheating measure (as an aside, I don't think we've ever had a problem with this locally). Please be thorough with your team sheets! Team sheets will be supplied at the event.
    Collector's Cache is a family-friendly environment that has a bunch of cool stuff in their store. I've personally been to several of their tournaments, where their TOs run the events fairly and efficiently. For every event I've attended, the payouts to players who earned money have been on the day of. At this time, there are no plans of streaming the event. If you have any questions overall about the event, the environment, or anything else, feel free to PM me or leave a comment on the Facebook event page.

    We hope to see you at the Collector's Cache Midseason Showdown!
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    Be prepared for Eevee, a lot of locals have been known to use it.

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