2017 ICPA Fall Series: Round 1 Pairings

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    Hi, everyone! Here are the first round pairings. Remember that matches will be best of three and the format for this tournament will be VGC 2017. At the end of the Fall series, we will advance the top 3 schools from each group. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Paul Barrera (Paulitoed). Also, please save your battle videos! We will need them for the score report forms, so no rage quitting please! The deadline to complete your matches for this round is Sunday, October 15 at 11:59 PM PDT. Good luck!! :)

    Group A

    Winner: UNAM 4-1
    Christian Ramirez(ewokpadawan) 0:2 Arbin Tumaneng(Cypher)
    Ricardo Anaya(ArenRick) 2:0 Alfonse Gaite(AGSilver)
    Cesar Reyes(César Reyes) 2:0 Aryak Pande(MikuSenpai)
    Daniel Salazar(Walavii) 2:0 Shane LeCompte(Torterraman)
    Carlos Garcia(Tata06) 2:0 Derrick Shi(Emerald6)

    Winner: University of Strathclyde 4-0
    Sakura Mitsonomi(Sakura Mitsonomi) 0:2 Benjamin Grover(Arch11Heretic)
    Curtis Sumner(Goober15) 0:0 Maxwell Boyle(Glaceonic) Ask Ben and Sakura about the 0-0/2-0 discrepancy.
    Carlos Contreraz Sanchez(normaldude8825) 0:2 Jacky Leong(MaftyEllin)
    Thomas Koconis(tominator) 0:2 Michael MacMillan(Micmol)
    Tracy Goldman(pikapotter413) 0:2 Cameron Ward(Cammy01)

    Winner: University of Chile 3-2
    Diego Ferreira(carademono) 2:0 Matthew Colosi(ScarTheColossus)
    Matias Roa(Boah) 0:2 Jeffrey Karger(torwildheart)
    Pablo Parra(Pablo Parra Flores) 2:0 Lilliana Benzer(Ophiuca)
    Robert Cumming(Raichu Abrazable) 2:1 Kaleb Kronimus(Kronimus)
    Nicolas Villagra(Goku) 0:2 Sonya Sachdev(Sonya)

    Group B

    Winner: University of Costa Rica 3-2
    Mauricio Madrigal(DevilFenixCR) 1:2 Evan Bates(Veteran Padgett)
    Yostin Rojas(Yostin Rojas) 2:0 Cody Kyrk(Kyrk)

    Reynord Gonzalez(Reynordg) 0:2 Paul Barrera(Paulitoed)
    Tomás Madrigal(TorrasqueCR) 2:0 Austin Florence(Austin Florence)
    Max Morales Castro(MAX_LJCR) 2:0 Kevin Paramo(PanEx)

    No matches for this round.

    Winner: Texas A&M University 3-2
    Emma Orr(Flopsy) 0:2 Graeme Blakely(Sp3ctre7)
    Nicholas Martinez(Roy02131) 2:0 Ryan Drife(Nayrefird)

    Ryan Simpson(AgsAllDay) 0:2 Amanda McCuistion(AtomicAbsol)
    Michael Feller(Thunderjolt) 2:0 Brandon Charbonneau(Charbizard)
    Oscar Osornio(NotOscar) 2:0 Armani Salary(redhorse)
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    So... I'm hoping that my battle wasn't the only one that happened so far, because the deadline is rapidly approaching. This is the place for us to report our results, right...?
    On a related note, I managed to defeat AgsAllDay12 2-0 for this round. Good games, both of them!

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