2018 ICPA Fall Series: Round 3 and Round 4

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    All right, I apologize for the huge delay! Here are the pairings for rounds 3 and 4. After you have finished battling, please submit your battle videos to your captains. Captains, please be sure to collect all battle videos from your players each round, as they are mandatory for the score report submission. The deadline to complete the matches is Tuesday, December 18 at 11:59 PM PDT. Good luck, everyone!

    Pairings will be posted by Wednesday, December 12 at 6 am PDT.

    Ronda 3
    Diego Ferreira(carademono) vs. Paul Barrera(Paulitoed)
    Nicolás Villagra(Goku) vs. Cody Kyrk(Kyrk)
    Robert Cumming(Raichu Abrazable) vs. Brendan Marshall(Brendan Marshall)

    Jonathan Evans(Ezrael) vs. Jeffrey Karger (torwildheart)
    Bartosz Ekiert(naociak) vs. Kaleb Kronimus (Kronimus)
    Sam Bentham(SuperIntegration) vs. Robby Piwko (Peekz1025)

    Demitrios Kaguras(kingdjk) vs. Lizandro González(Gonsser)
    Kelvin Koon(lyingliepard) vs. Daniel Núñez(DannyTDS)
    Matthew Yee(mattmagoo94) vs. Abraham Orta(Abrai7VGC)

    Matthew Colosi (ScarTheColossus) vs. Aditya Subramanian(ck49)
    Liliana Benzer (Ophiuca) vs. Nathan Powell(NBP89)
    Will Coffey (Ignoritus) vs. Nathan Wright(Mechanics)

    Round 4

    Cody Kyrk(Kyrk) vs. Jonathan Evans(Ezrael)
    Paul Barrera(Paulitoed) vs. Sam Bentham(SuperIntegration)
    Brendan Marshall(Brendan Marshall) vs. Bartosz Ekiert(naociak)

    Jeffrey Karger (torwildheart) vs. César Reyes(César Reyes)
    Kaleb Kronimus (Kronimus) vs. Carlos Ivan García(tata06)
    Robby Piwko (Peekz1025) vs. Christian Ramírez Lira(EwokPadawan)

    Matthew Colosi (ScarTheColossus) vs. Lizandro González(Gonsser)
    Liliana Benzer (Ophiuca) vs. Alejandro Rolón(Alejandro Rolón)
    Will Coffey (Ignoritus) vs. Abraham Orta(Abrai7VGC)

    Demitrios Kaguras(kingdjk) vs. Yihui Xu(Yihui Xurkitree)
    Tony Chen(Tonychen0227) vs. Nathan Powell(NBP89)
    Sean Allen(sdace) vs. Nathan Wright(Mechanics)
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