2018 ICPA Spring Series: Round 1

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    Hello, everyone! Here are the round 1 pairings for this year's spring series. Remember that matches will be best of three and will follow the 2018 VGC format. For this series, there will only be one pool of schools and we will be qualifying four teams from this pool to the top 8 playoffs. If your school qualifies in this series and qualified in last year's fall series, then you will get a bye in top 8. The deadline to finish your matches for this round is Sunday, March 11 at 11:59 PM PST.

    Winner: University of North Texas 3-2

    Evan Bates(Veteran Padgett) 2:1 Arbin Tumaneng(Cypher)
    Cody Kyrk(Kyrk) 1:2 Alfonse Gaite(AGSilver)

    Austin Florence(Austin Florence) 2:0 Derrick Shi(Emerald6)
    David Miles(David Miles) 2:0 Aryak Pande(MikuSenpai)
    Paul Barrera(Paulitoed) 1:2 Jonathan Lin(Linathan)

    Winner: UNAM 5-0

    Nicholas Martinez(Roy) 0:2 Christian Ramirez(Ewokpadawan)
    Ryan Simpson(AgsAllDay12) 0:2 Carlos Garcia(Tata06)
    Oscar Osornio(NotOscar) 0:2 Cesar Reyes(C├ęsar Reyes)
    Vincent Pacilio(Vincent Pacilio) 0:2 Samuel Alvarez(samuelas)
    Michael Feller(thunderjolt) 0:2 Daniel Salazar(Walavii)

    Winner: University of British Columbia 5-0

    Evan Wilmot(Varoomashroom) 0:2 Alvin Owen(Alvin Tjeng)
    David Powell(lucariomaster2) 0:2 Demitrios Kaguras(kingdjk)
    Taylor Leblond(Yelping Quagsire) 0:2 Matthew Yee(mattmagoo94)
    Thomas Northeast(Lostsonofpluto) 0:2 Tony Chen(Tonychen0227)
    Daniel Fu(Danielfu) 0:2 Sean Allen(sdace)

    Diego Ferreira(carademono) 2:1 Matthew Colosi (ScarTheColossus)
    Matias Roa(Boah) 0:2 Liliana Benzer (Ophiuca)

    Pablo Parra(Pablo Parra Flores) 2:0 Jeffery Karger (torwildheart)
    Robert Cumming(Raichu Abrazable) 2:1 Kaleb Kronimus (Kronimus)
    Nicolas Villagra(Goku) 2:1 Rohit Girish (InfernRo)

    P.S. If you would like to view the schedule of matches, you can view it here on Battlefy: https://battlefy.com/icpatournament...5a9c92c0166b630365e96f89/bracket/?groupName=A
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