2019 ICPA Spring Series Sign-Up Thread

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    Only Captains of the schools should post on this thread.

    Welcome to the second tournament of the ICPA 2018-2019 Season, the ICPA Spring Series. Before posting please read the announcement post and read the ICPA Rules and Regulations document contained in the post to confirm that your institution and team members are eligible to compete in the ICPA. The post can be found here: https://trainertower.com/forums/threads/2019-spring-series-announcement-thread.6265/.

    Participating institutions will be asked for a small registration fee of $10 USD to participate in the Spring Series and it will be put towards prizing.


    - You must be one of the following two groups of people

    1. Current Student: A student currently enrolled in a college/university program

    2. Alumni: A former student who was previously enrolled in a college/university program
    - This means you will have to provide some proof of university student status. Valid proofs of student status include: your current class schedule (required for Current Students), student ID, diploma, degree, or academic transcript (also accepted proof for Current Students).

    All team members should make a Trainer Tower account prior to the start of the season. This account is especially important since Trainer Tower will be the primary communication tool for interaction between fellow players as well as for communication between players and organizers.

    To sign up your institution please comment down below with the following information:

    • Name of your institution: (Full name please)

    • Location of your institution and Timezone: (city, state/province, country) (GMT+/-number)

    • Does your institution have a minimum of 2 Current Students and 3 players total? (Answer must be yes)
    • Does your school have 8 or more players and do you want to have a second team?
    • Team Captain. The captain is responsible for communication with the ICPA organizers (include their Trainer Tower Username)

    • Player Roster: (Must contain a minimum of 2 Current Students and at least 3 players; This can be revised and added onto throughout the season. Include Nugget Bridge Usernames of all members and identify as “Current” for Current Students or “Alumni” for Alumni)

    Example of a good post:

    Name of your institution: The Kanto School of Art and Design

    Location of your institution: Kanto region, Japan (UTC +9:00)

    Does your institution have a minimum of 3 eligible players: Yes

    Does your school have 8 or more players and do you want to have a second team? Yes

    Team captain: Gary Oak

    Player roster:

    Gary Oak - Current (forum name) - Captain

    Ash Ketchum - Current (forum name)

    Jesse R. - Current (forum name)

    James R. - Current (forum name)

    Cooltrainer Boy - Current (forum name)

    Fisherman Sixkarps - Current (forum name)

    Lance Barriers - Alumni (forum name)

    Agatha Oldhag - Alumni (forum name)

    Bruno Muscles - Alumni (forum name)

    Lorelei Coldfield - Alumni (forum name)

    Completing registration:

    1. Each team must designate one of their members as their Captain. The Captain is responsible for communication with the organizers in regards to registering their members, modifying their rosters each week, and reporting results.

    2. The Captain and the Captain only should post in the sign-ups thread with their school’s complete roster by Friday, March 15, 2019; at least 3 players must be on this roster (check rules and regs for details).

    3. Send registration fee of $10 USD for the Spring series by March 15. Payment should be submitted via Paypal to [email protected]. Register a PayPal account if it is not readily available. Please indicate your institution in the payment, and request a receipt if desired.

    4. Captains must send [email protected] an email with proofs of student status for each member on their roster before they are approved to play. They must also identify each of their members as Alumni or Current Students in this email.

    Active Lineup submissions will take place between March 8 through March 15. Round 1 begins March 18, so its important at least the 3 players on the Active Lineup for Round 1 are approved by that date.

    The deadline for sign-ups is March 15 at 11:59pm PST (GMT -8). Applications submitted after this date may not be accepted.

    Incentive Program:

    This is new for this series. The way this works is if you successfully get a school to register with us, you will get 5.00 USD for each referral you make as a thank you for helping us get more schools. When you have made a referral, please email [email protected] with the following:
    1. Your first and last name, along with your Trainer Tower username(e.g. Paul Barrera(Paulitoed))
    2. School you attend(e.g. University of North Texas)
    3. School you referred
    4. First and last name of captain and email
    5. A screenshot you got the school on board. Something along the lines of the captain saying their school is on board will suffice.
    6. The school meeting the sign-up requirements after posting and paying the registration fee of 10.00 USD.
    :) The incentive will be paid out via Paypal with the same [email protected] after registration has closed, so make sure you have a Paypal account set up to reap the rewards of assisting the circuit grow. Let's make this a great series for the years to come!
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    Team USC
    kingofmars - captain
    MarioAqua - current
    terryhong1234 - current
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    Do we auto win and get all the prize money? :D

    Edit: Actually Terry and I want the well-deserved engraved plaque
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