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    To run the Trainer Tower Circuit, and any tournaments we run, of course, need we dedicated TOs from all around the world to be able to run events in every timezone. Here you'll be able to submit an application to be a Trainer Tower Circuit / Tournament TO. A few things to note are below:

    Your Role
    • TOs will only be required to run events in their timezone, or, in an emergency, a time that is still appropriate for the TOs timezone.
    • Commitment to both the tournament and the players. This includes transparency and making decisions for the benefit of all parties.
    Extra Notes
    • TOs CAN play in the tournaments. However, being a TO must come first and playing in a tournament you are the TO for is not allowed.
    • Communication between TOs will be made through Discord.
    • Committed TOs who do not plan on playing in the Trainer Tower Open will be managing the Trainer Tower Open's Flights. We hope to have Europe, North America, Latin American and Asia Pacific TOs as Flight managers.
    The application requires you to answer a few basic questions which are listed below. If you do not have any experience as a TO but are committed, please still fill out an application!
    Thank you to all applicants! You will be contacted on the Trainer Tower forums if successful
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    What experience do you have as a TO?:
    I was TO for the 2018 Trainer Tower Circuit. I was also a flight leader for the 2018 TT open.

    Why do you want to be a TO?:
    I want to be a TO to help Trainer Tower even further; hosting tournaments was fun for me and it's a good step back from competing.

    Why should we consider you as a TO?:
    You should consider me because I have the experience needed to run these tournaments, and I'm not competing! All my focus is on TT and it's work. I'm also pretty cool for being 17!

    What area are you in(North America, Europe, Latin American and Asia Pacific )?
    North America, West Coast.
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