3DS Date/time exploit for quicker Pelago farming

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    I don't know if this is the best place for such a thread but it seemed to most fitting to me. Anyway, some anon on /vp/ found out something wrong in his poke pelago.

    "So I was using the Poke Pelago to EV train some pokemon, and I think I might have stumbled on a glitch that clears your Play Sessions MUCH faster than normal.

    I had two groups in use at the Level Up Island already finishing up on their sessions, so I put in my Oricorio for the 3rd available group, and put her for 63 sessions. I couldn't put in any beans at the time because there were already some in the bucket. It was about 25 minutes left until I could refill it, and also the amount of time needed for the first and second group of pokemon in their to finish their sessions.

    To kill some time, I just worked on breeding more pokemon. Sorta forgetting about it, I check back on the Island a couple hours later (maybe 2 or 3?), and I found out that not only were the first two groups done with their sessions, but my Oricorio also finished up all 63 lessons as well!

    Has anything like this happened to anyone before?"

    what basically happened is some sort of glitch which makes your game instantly finish all your poke pelago sessions independently of how much time is left by the moment the 3ds changes day from jan 31st to february 1st. All you have to do is

    1-start as many sessions as you want on the pelago: EV/level training, berry planting, item hunting and so on
    2-save and go to the HOME menu
    3-go "general settings" on the 3ds options>>>change the date to jan 31st and the hour to 23:59
    4-restart your game
    5-wait a few seconds
    6-visit pelago
    8-back to step 1

    video for all the friends at home that can't read this broken english

    This is a very nice exploit that makes grinding to lvl 100 or farming big amount of berries or hunting bottle caps a lot faster than intended. Or you could just inject anything you need if you're that kind of guy. I'm guessing we'll have to abuse this as much as we can because once it gets big GF will probably try to patch it.
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