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    Hi all,

    This thread is reserved for posting information for the Australian PC and MSS circuit pertaining to events, results and usage statistics where gathered.

    If we have missed details on an upcoming event, feel free to post about it in here, preferably with a link to a facebook event or to the event on the listing.

    To begin, here's January 2017 Usage.

    We also have a live spreadsheet documenting national usage statistics, if you care to compare it to global usage statistics.

    Upcoming events for February:

    • Saturday 25th February, Good Games Box Hill @11am (link)

    New South Wales

    Stay tuned

    Western Australia
    • Saturday 11th February, Good Games Cannington @11am (link)
    • Saturday 18th February, Fastbreak Sports Nundah @10am (link)
    • Saturday 4th February, Battle Axe Games @1pm (link)
    • Saturday 11th February, Mid Season Showdown, Battle Axe Games @11am (link)
    South Australia
    • Sunday 12th February, Myer Centre food court, Rundle Mall @ 11am (link)
    • Sunday 26th February, Myer Centre food court, Rundle Mall @ 11am (link)

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