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    Hello everyone, and welcome to our General Discussion forum. The Trainer Tower staff, with the help of the rest of the community are actively making an effort to promote constructive VGC discussion, and provide a community hub of sorts for both newer and veteran players alike.

    If you haven't read the Forum Rules already, I encourage you to do so right now, as adhering to these rules will make the lives of the moderators and staff much easier. For this particular forum we'd like to highlight some important guidelines that we expect people to follow.

    1. If you're not sure whether this is the right place for a thread, ask a moderator before doing so.
    2. Do not double post.
    3. Use the search function (use keywords) before posting a thread to ensure that the topic doesn't already exist. For example, if you wish to create a VGC 17 metagame discussion thread, search for "metagame", or "VGC 17 metagame" before doing so.
    4. RMT and Teambuilding: For any help regarding RMTs and Teambuilding, we have a Discord Server with a dedicated room to this, where you can receive live help from others. Any RMT threads posted on the forum will be deleted.
      If you don't want to use the Discord Channel for RMTs, we have a dedicated RMT thread. We strongly recommend that you use the Discord Server for more interactive help. There is also a pinned thread for Sample Teams.

    Additional Tips
    Use Spoilers when necessary (eg. Sample Teams).
    Make sure to replace the title, and make the first curved bracket into a square one to match the other three.
    (SPOILER="Damage Calcs"]
    *Insert damage calculations*

    Pokemon Sprites

    You can insert Pokemon mini-sprites using the P icon on the editor. The full name of the Pokemon must be typed out, all in lowercase.
    E.g: marowak-alola , kangaskhan-mega , tapu-koko , sylveon

    Official Pokemon Website

    Trainer Tower
    Last but not least, enjoy the forums, and join our Discord Server if you want to talk to other players or staff!
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