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    Welcome to Trainer Tower! We're just going to start off with a basic rules post, in order for everyone to see what kind of behaviour we deem acceptable, and how we expect people to act. We're looking to keep things PG here, so most of the rules may be common sense, but it should be an important guide for newer players to follow.

    The goal of this forum is to provide insight to players on competitive VGC, and also to incite and provoke discussion amongst the community. We also aim to promote, support and host a number of online tournaments in order to provide the community with frequent opportunities to experience tournament level VGC. It's in the best interest of the entire community to work together to achieve these goals. We imagine most of the community would like to discuss things relevant to the aforementioned topics, but there are a few rules we would like to list out in terms of quality control.

    1. Discussion Rules
    • Discussion of illegal software: Discussions about illegal game/save modifications are not permitted in this forum. We want to keep things clean and friendly for all our users, and we believe this to be ethically correct.
    • Attacking or harmful behaviour: Posts or threads that contain or condone personal attacks will not be tolerated. This includes attacks on people, groups, or other websites/services.
    • Friendliness: Common courtesy and mutual respect should be exhibited by all users. Disrespectful behaviour may lead to punitive action.

    2. General Forum Rules
    • Language: Posts should be kept English only, as managing multiple languages would require an extraneous amount of resources.
    • User Accounts: Each member is responsible for his/her user account. Limit yourself to one account, and do not attempt to impersonate anyone through the use of another account. If you'd like to change your account details, please contact the staff instead of making a new account. Account sharing is prohibited, and any breach in the terms and rules or disregard of this rule will result in punitive measures.
    • Copyright: Copyrighted works, including images, articles, videos and more may not be used in any form without proper indication of the source, and if needed, permission of the owner.
    • Graveyard Threads: If a post has been inactive for an extended period of time, it is encouraged that you make a new thread rather than responding to the old one.
    • Reposting: Do not post the same thread in multiple locations. Similarly, avoid repeatedly posting the same thread, particularly if it has already been deleted once. The search function allows you to search for topics, and it is recommended that you search for the particular topic you would like to post about before creating a new thread. If you're not sure where to post a certain topic, please contact a Moderator.
    • Advertising: Please do not advertise external links without approval. There is a line between external links provided for convenience and those provided for promotion, and it is not hard to tell the difference.
    • Violations: A disregard of the rules is punished with a warning, or in extreme cases, a ban. In the case of minor violations, the Moderation staff will usually let the user off with a warning. Serious violations can lead to an immediate temporary or permanent suspension. If a member has received several warnings, this may also result in a temporary or permanent ban.
    • Injustices: If a member feels as if they have been treated unfairly by Moderator, feel free to contact a different staff member and give them your feedback. Moderators must provide a reasonable explanation for any warnings or bans issued to a user.

    Interpretation of the Rules: The instructions of the Moderators must be followed in all circumstances. The purpose of these rules is to ensure that all members feel comfortable in the forum and this applies equally to each and every member of this forum.

    Rules posts are generally long and boring and people don't want to read them, but we've tried to keep this short and easy for people to read. We hope you were all able to understand it. If you have trouble understanding some of the rules, do not hesitate to contact a Moderator. With that being said, we aren't looking to ban people or anything of the like, but we hope you can all abide by these simple rules. We hope you all enjoy your time on the forums!

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