From Brazil, my thanks to you (LATAM Internats)

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    Hi, everyone. I'm Professor Almeida (Elm-aid-uh), and I was one of the judges involved in the LATAM International Tournament.

    I don't speak on behalf of the organization or TPCi or anything, I just speak about myself.

    I haven't posted a thing here, I'm more active on Smogon and I was kinda active back at Nugget Bridge, but I decided my first post here would be used to thank you guys that made our internats better.

    Really, for those of you who are used to big tournaments, you have no idea of how overwhelming it is to have this many people around. I'm an Asperger, so sometimes, I had to run to the restroom just to shut myself off the sounds and images. But every time I talked to each and everyone of you guys, you were awesome.

    You made me feel sad because I don't have a passport and thus won't be able to judge NA Internats, or Worlds. But I'll work hard the next few months to be able to travel the world just to be around most of you again.

    I'm happy for the way the tournament went, and I'm personally sorry for the snafu on round 8 of Masters Swiss. I had my share of responsibility on it, and for that, I'm sorry. Also, I'm truly, deeply sorry we couldn't get a Day 2, and that happened because most of the guys that couldn't arrive (and there were almost 60 of them) got stuck inside the trains, and when they decide to go on maintenance, there's nothing we can do about it. On the other hand, I'm happy our MSS got bigger because of that. The 80+ MSS was already bigger than anything we've ever had in Brazil, and the 187 players in the Masters alone were around 3 times our previous record. So, again, thank you.

    I've been followed and following some of you on twitter, because I really want to get closer of the community. You are awesome. An awesome community, and we had three TCG judges that said they were going to try to become VG judges just because of our community, since they sad the TCG guys can be toxic at times.

    Again, thanks for making me happy. I'm proud to have been part of this story, and I'm happy I was able to meet so many people. Good luck in NA Internats and in Worlds. I'll be rooting for you.


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