Guide: LAX to Anaheim without Uber

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    Congratulations, if you are reading this, you are going to the Pokemon World Championships (or you clicked on this link by mistake). Either way, this post will show you how to get from LAX to Anaheim without Uber/Lyft.

    If you are arriving in LAX anywhere between 6AM - 4:30PM there are ways to get to Anaheim without having to take an Uber/Lyft which will run you around $42-53+ (depending on traffic).

    When you arrive at LAX the first thing you have to do is go to the ground level to take a shuttle that will take you to the Aviation Green Line train station. Signs are posted everywhere on where to take these shuttles so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find (you can always ask someone for help finding one of these). The shuttle is free so hop on and it should take ~10 minutes to get to the station. LAX has complimentary Wifi in case you need to go online and get information.

    Once you arrive at the Aviation Green Line station you’ll have to get a pass to get on the train. I recommend getting an all day pass but you can also just get a stored value pass load it with $3.50 and it should be enough to get you to Anaheim.


    Google Maps Directions

    You will take the green line train towards the Norwalk Station until you arrive at at Willowbrook/ Rosa Parks station where you will transfer to the Blue Line and head North towards 7th St/Metro Center.

    Once you arrive at the 7th St/Metro Center go down the escalator where you’ll find the Red & Purple line trains (don’t forget to tap your cards on the machines to transfer you to the next train). From here you can take either Red or Purple line trains towards Union Station.

    Once you arrive at Union Station you’ll have to buy a different pass to get to Anaheim. There are specific machines that will sell you these tickets. Union Station is pretty big so if you find yourself confused/lost, ask the help desk for help on how to get to Anaheim.

    Keep in mind that unlike the Metro Line, the Metro Link runs on very specific schedules. Here’s the Mon-Fri schedule of the trains going to Anaheim.


    Link: County/service_id/1152.html

    Unfortunately I very rarely use the MetroLink so I don’t have the station memorized but again, if you ask the employees for help they will happily (maybe) show you the way.

    Keep in mind that the last Metro Link train towards Anaheim runs at 6:40PM so if you’re not at Union Station by around 6:20PM, you might not make it. If this is the case, hit me up and I might have room for you to sleep in my apartment in Downtown LA (you will sleep on the floor and like it).

    Once you are on the train, it will be 5 stops until you are at the Anaheim Station. From there the convention center is fairly close.

    Congratulations, you arrived in Anaheim. Or you are hopelessly lost and crying for your mommy. Either way, welcome to California.

    If you are hanging out in LA and you are by the Santa Monica area, hit me up and I’ll gladly have lunch with you. See you soon (hopefully).
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    What a kind soul. May the RNG have mercy on you. In all seriousness this is very helpful for folks heading out to Anaheim.

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