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Discussion in 'Question & Answer' started by JollyMantykes7.8, Aug 25, 2018.

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    I was wondering how much time y'all spend breeding teams and stuff.
    I've only made three full teams over the course of three separate games, and each time they've made me want to almost quit because of how much monotonous hours I had to spend soft-reseting for the right IVs. (Plus the several hours spent at the battle tree to get the power items.)
    What should about game exclusive legendaries if I only have Ultra Moon?
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    @JollyMantykes7.8 (pinging in case you visit but don't think to check this thread, since it's been a while)
    I haven't played in forever, so I don't really remember, and having classes and work complicates things... I'm thinking two weeks on the calendar, but I've never tried to track hours. Anyway, it helps to fish or play the lotto for bottle caps, and basically every distributed mon holds a gold bottle cap these days. That way you really just need... basically any IVs, unless you're going for a Hidden Power. Granted, effective bottle cap use means you need to find a friendship cafe or two, but you should be able to arrange that easily on a site that's actually active (r/Pokemon, r/FestivalPlaza might still exist assuming that's what it's actually called, Lake Valor probably). A bit of googling will give you plenty of guides on how to optimally level your mons.
    Power items are a one-time investment, so I don't really know what to tell you. Pokemon Bank lets you accumulate BP, so that's a big help I guess. You'll need it to transfer your mons to the next gen anyway.

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