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    Do not post match results in this thread. You will receive a game loss. It is not my job to go searching for your results due to you not reading.

    This is for general Discussion, Rule changes/clarifications, announcements and Questions (For Me) Regarding the Spring Scramble!

    Otherwise, Let me know your aches and worries!

    Clarifications and Rule Changes
    If requested, you must allow myself or a person I deem for advice/counsel into your set/games. This includes but is not Limited to AverageJoeVGC, JZG and DaWoblefet

    The moves Minimize, Double Team and Guard Split are all banned. If your opponent uses any of these 3 moves, please submit to me a replay and they will be penalized the set.

    I am tired of having to delete people's double posts. It is being known here and now as per the rules stated in the introduction post that if you double post in the thread or post in a thread that is not for your flight, you will be given a set loss

    No. You cannot play someone more than once in your flight.

    If two players are tied in points, breakers go as follows:
    # of Set Wins
    If neither are applicable, then it will be handled on a case-by-case basis
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