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    Pool stage, top cut, and round size
    • Teams and pools have been assigned for Game Of Names. We have 16 teams
    • This gives us 4 pools of 4 teams,
    • Thee top 8 teams (top 2 from each pool) moving on to an elimination stage.
    • Rounds will be 3 matches, that is 3 players from one teams will play 3 players from the other
    • as stated before, the matches are VGC 17 best of three

    WEEK 1 UPDATE: I am going to push week 1 start back a week (games start october 2nd) To give the teams time to all get together and give me a roster. I was bit a slow on getting the teams together so I need a bit more time while we get the captains and teams situated.

    Spreadsheet with pools, week schedule and rosters

    How were pools determined?
    I wrote a code to randomly generate pools, if you think you got bad luck with your pools then you are unlucky and will probably lose to rock slide flinches anyway

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Rosters (with trainer tower usernames) Re-posted for easy viewing, along with some justifications for why people were placed on certain teams if not obvious

    Johnathan Evans (Ezrael)
    Jean-marc hebert (JeanMarc)
    GianLuca Grassi (Ghosty)
    Jon Hu (JHufself)

    team alex
    Alexandre (BimboEC)
    Alex Landry (Xenconic)
    Alex Collins (nerd of now)
    Aditya Subramanian (ck49) (Team alex needs a sub and this was the best fit for both of them)

    team tom
    Tommy Coleen (Tman)
    Tommy Yee (Tlyee)
    Thomas Plater (TheSaxlad)
    Thomas Gravouille (Haricot)
    Tom Hull (TheGr8)

    team Sam
    Sam Partin (Charroshi)
    Sam Temple (Temple)
    Sam Pandelis (zelda)
    Sam Hughes (Slugmeister)

    Team (e)ste(ph/v)(a/e)n
    Estephan (pephan)
    Steve (kali)
    Stephen (gramgus)
    Stephanie Moore (Queen Evil Fluffy)
    Simon Konsti (0riginalName) (Simon was close enough to stephen and their team wasn't overly packed so I threw him on it)

    Team Justin
    Justin Burns (spurrific)
    Justin Carris (azazel)
    Justin Crubaugh (iMagikarp)
    Justin Wan (Jwanie)

    Team Andre_
    Andrea Nozza (Landon)
    Andrea D francesco (PlayerOne)
    Andres Escobosa (000aj)
    Andy (Twiddledee)
    Raul Andres (rulvgc)
    Andrew (wheres_Wally)

    Team David
    David Hutner (elegyy)
    David Barker (Muphry)
    David Battell (Yaaaxcomigen)
    David Smith (Rayquaza64)

    Team Jake
    Jake Rosen (JekVGC)
    Jake Maiger (Jackofspadesman)
    Jake Muller (MajorBowman)
    Jack Hoban (jackeh7) (lol I said I wouldnt do this but team Jake needs a sub and he's the best fit)

    Team ed-Presidents (Ed didn't have enough on their own and I need 16 teams for pools so I made this team)
    Ed cheung (Harbinger)
    Eduardo Martinez (Fluffy_VGC)
    Zachary Edmonson (Zachary Edmonson)
    Quentin Roosevelt Colon (Galactic)
    Rachel Wilson (RachelWithCats)
    Franklin Lewis (avos)

    Team matt
    Matthew Carter (Mattsby)
    Matthew Jackson (Swaggy McBuckets)
    Matt Dorrell (MattDorrell)
    Matt Gomez (Matt Gomez (Kyappu/Cap'))
    Max Kuhn (MaxVGC) (Close enough to matt, and their team wasn't too full so I threw him on)

    Team (ph/f)illp(e)
    Ruben Filipe Martins Periera (Puddles)
    Felipe Fernandez (FilipeVGC)
    Phil De sosa (p3ds)
    P-Ball (Pat Ball) (P-ball is kinda like phil I guess and they needed a sub)

    Team Jay-me (James/Jamie didn't get enough so I made this team cuz . I need 16 teams for pools to work)
    Jamie Molyneux (Jamie Molyneux)
    James Harding (Calmbatradio)
    Jiawei Zhao (Keep Yourself Safe (KYS)) (his name started with J so he fits enough)
    Kendall James Perry (IAmKennyJ) (middle name)
    Guang Yang ze (Level 51) (lol idk)

    Team Joshemy (Josh and Jeremy didn't have enough and their names both start with J so I combined them)
    joshua Stewart (Mudbae_VGC(Spirit))
    Josh Brough (TwinleafVGC)
    Jeremy Gross (JZG)
    Jeremy Mantigh (Jezza)

    Team Other M (this team was really a stretch but we needed a 16th team so lol)
    Mike S (GymNMons)
    Meghan Julia H (PinkSylvie)
    Mitch Kendrick (mitch)
    Ben Markham (Benster) (his last name starts with m)
    Ryan Loseto (SableyeVGC) (chase and ryan were leftover with no team after I stretched the rules for everyone so I threw them on here)
    Chase Levitt (Laurel)

    Team Dan
    Dan Oztekin (Necrocat219)
    Daniel Thorpe (TTT)
    Brendan Lewis (mrbdog46) (He's got dan in his name)
    Raden B (Prof. Raden) (RaDEN is kinda like raDAN which is also kinda like dan so he's in)
    Chelsea tan (komalaVGC) (Tan rhymes with Dan I guess)
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