The 2018-2019 ICPA Season Commences

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    The International Collegiate Pokemon Association (ICPA) would like to cordially announce the beginning of the 2018-2019 ICPA season here on Trainer Tower.

    Our goal is to host an intercollegiate e-sports league for Pokemon clubs and unions across the world. That league begins today in the Collegiate forum here on Trainer Tower!

    The 2018-2019 ICPA season will consist of a tournament where students form a team with other members of their school and duke it out against other institutions. The 2018-2019 season will be broken into two tournaments called the ICPA Fall Series and ICPA Spring Series, and will eventually conclude in the ICPA Playoffs featuring the top schools from each Series.

    Prizing for the Season:

    The top 3 ranked individuals based on results from each of the Fall and Spring Series will be awarded cash prizes.

    Fall League MVP: $75 USD

    Fall Runner Up #1: $25 USD

    Fall Runner Up #2: $25 USD

    Spring League MVP: $75 USD

    Spring Runner-Up #1: $25 USD

    Spring Runner-Up #2: $25 USD

    The winning school will be sent the ICPA annual plaque, which will be engraved with the school’s name and year of triumph.

    ICPA Fall Series

    The Format

    Players per team per week: 3 players from each school play per week (subject to player restrictions in the ICPA rules and regs doc:

    Tournament Structure: X Round Robin Pools with the Top Y teams from each Pool qualifying for the end of season ICPA Playoffs (X and Y are registration-dependent)

    Battle Format: VGC 2019 Best of 3 for all matches

    Please refer to the following link to read about the Sun Series, Moon Series, and Ultra Series: Make sure your teams you use for every match are in compliance with the rules listed on that page for the Fall Series, Spring Series, and Playoffs.

    Fall Series Schedule(Sun Series Format):

    Sign-ups: October 13th to November 2nd

    Round 1 and 2: November 4th to November 10th

    Round 3 and 4: November 18th to November 24th

    Round 5 and 6: December 1st to December 7th

    Spring Series Schedule:

    Sign-ups: October 13th to January 11th

    Round 1: January 14th to January 20th

    Round 2: January 28th to February 3rd

    Round 3: February 11th to February 17th

    Round 4: February 25th to March 3rd

    Round 5: March 11th to March 18th

    Round 6: March 25th to March 31st

    Playoff Schedule:

    Round 1 of the playoffs will start on Monday, April 8th, 2019; the dates for the other rounds will be announced here as we get closer to the playoffs next year.

    Note: There are break weeks between each round to give teams time to modify their Active Lineup for the next round and time to prepare for later matches. This also gives the organizers time to process results and get highlight matches up on YouTube between rounds.


    - You must be one of the following two groups of people

    1. Current Student: A student currently enrolled in a college/university program

    2. Alumni: A former student who was previously enrolled in a college/university program
    - This means you will have to provide some proof of university student status. Valid proofs of student status include: your current class schedule (required for Current Students), student ID, diploma, degree, or academic transcript (also accepted proof for Current Students).

    - You must have a Nintendo 3DS System with Pokémon Ultra Sun or Pokémon Ultra Moon to participate in both the Fall and Spring Series.

    Completing registration:

    1. Each team must designate one of their members as their Captain. The Captain is responsible for communication with the organizers in regards to registering their members, modifying their rosters each week, and reporting results.

    2. The Captain(and the captain only) should post in the sign-ups thread with their school’s complete roster by November 2nd; at least 3 players must be on this roster (check rules and regs for details).

    3. Send registration fee of $10 USD for the Fall Series by November 2nd. Payment should be submitted via Paypal to [email protected]. Register a Paypal account if it is not readily available. Please indicate your institution in the payment, and request a receipt, if desired.

    4. Captains must send [email protected] an email with proofs of student status for each member on their roster before they are approved to play. They must also identify each of their members as Alumni or Current Students in this email.

    Sign-ups for the Fall Series will close on November 2nd at 11:59 pm PST (GMT -8); as for the Spring Series, those sign-ups will close on January 11, 2019 at 11:59 pm PDT(GMT -8). Start looking for teammates and spread the word so we can kick off a great season. You can sign up for the Fall series by clicking on this link:
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