Trainer Tower Circuit Grinder #5

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    Remember to purchase a subscription to the circuit before joining! Full circuit information can be found here!

    Saturday January 27th for US and EU
    Sunday January 28th for APAC

    Battlefy Link (Sign up now!)

    Check in time: 10:30pm (Saturday) London Time (GMT) / 9:30am (Sunday) Australian Eastern Daylight Time (GMT+11) / 2:30pm (Saturday) Pacific Time (GMT-8) / 5:30pm (Saturday) Eastern Time (GMT-5)

    Start Time: 11pm (Saturday) London Time (GMT) / 10am (Sunday) Australian Eastern Daylight Time (GMT+11) / 3pm (Saturday) Pacific Time (GMT-8) / 6pm (Saturday) Eastern Time (GMT-5)

    You team can not be changed or altered in any way once the tournament commences.

    Tournament Host: Lightcore
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