Trainer Tower Circuit Grinder #9

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    Remember to purchase a subscription to the circuit before joining! Full circuit information can be found here!

    Saturday March 3rd

    Battlefy Link (Sign up now!)

    Check in Time: 8:30am London Time (GMT) / 7:30pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (GMT+11) / 12:30pm Pacific Time (GMT-8) / 3:30am Eastern Time (GMT-5)

    Start Time: 9am London Time (GMT) / 8pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (GMT+11) / 1am Pacific Time (GMT-8) / 4am Eastern Time (GMT-5)

    You team can not be changed or altered in any way once the tournament commences.

    This is the first Grinder of Block 2, and Block 2 will have a schedule posted very soon. Regionals are now accounted for where possible and Throwback's and a one-off type of tournament will be announced also. Stay tuned!

    Tournament Host: TBC
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