Trainer Tower Invitational: Pools Week 6

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    Round Start: October 8th 8am London Time (GMT+1) / 6pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (GMT+11) / 12am (0:00) Pacific Time (GMT-7) / 3am Eastern Time (GMT-4)

    Round End: October 15th 8am London Time (GMT+1) / 6pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (GMT+11) / 12am (0:00) Pacific Time (GMT-7) / 3am Eastern Time (GMT-4)

    Only the sets listed here will be monitored, however, I heavily encourage you to contact all players in your pool and try to play earlier. I would rather pools not take 7 weeks if possible but if it does then that's fine.

    Tournament Details
    • VGC Format: VGC18
    • Tournament Format: Best-Of-Three Pools -> Best-Of-Three Top Cut (Top 8)
    • Pools Top Cut: Top 2 players from each pool of 7 players will move on to Top 8
    • Platform: Pokemon Showdown (Cartridge is acceptable if both players agree but Pokemon Showdown takes precedence)
    • Pairings: Pairings cannot be seen on Battlefy but are posted in this thread.
    • Contact: Players are to be contacted through Trainer Tower Forums. Any contact made outside of Trainer Tower Forums will not be considered when looking at activity, so if you're not concerned about activity you may contact wherever.
    • Extensions: Extensions will be granted where possible but please do not rely on this
    Match Reporting

    Replays are to be posted in this thread


    1 $720 USD
    2 $360 USD
    3-4 $140 USD
    5-8 $20 USD

    Bracket is here!

    Incomplete Matches:
    JonoTV Vs Necrocat219 (Pool D)
    Applepie Vs Knappi (Pool D)

    Pool A:
    Simipour Vs Mitch
    Simipour Vs Shabarai
    Everyone else has completed their sets!

    Pool B:
    zwinne Vs LLeonard
    Lore95VGC Vs MrJellyLeggs
    Spurrific Vs Mudcrab (Brought forward from next week)
    Swaggy McBuckets (Completed matches)

    Pool C:
    Emforbes Vs Masterwizard
    Frania (Completed matches)

    Pool D:
    Applepie Vs Knappi
    Applepie Vs Yale
    JonoTV Vs Necrocat219
    2thyfor Vs Necrocat219

    In case you didn't see it: I reported Lore95VGC Vs LLeonard from R2 incorrectly, this has been fixed.

    Good luck to all players and I'm looking forward to seeing you all play!
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