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    CONGRATULATIONS you're all in the money. You can bring 6 Little Cup Pokemon and still finish with $20 in your pocket which is pretty cool. Obviously from here on it gets more intense, but you should all be proud of how deep you've come, and most importantly you've won a prize and are playing what is effectively a $120 money match, where if you lose you're given $20 and if you win you're also given an additional $20 so all of you are winners already.

    Round Start: October 29th 8am London Time (GMT+1) / 6pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (GMT+11) / 12am (0:00) Pacific Time (GMT-7) / 3am Eastern Time (GMT-4)

    Round End: November 5th 8am London Time (GMT+1) / 6pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (GMT+11) / 12am (0:00) Pacific Time (GMT-7) / 3am Eastern Time (GMT-4)

    Tournament Details
    • VGC Format: VGC18
    • Tournament Format: Best-Of-Three Pools -> Best-Of-Three Top Cut (Top 8)
    • Pools Top Cut: Top 2 players from each pool of 7 players will move on to Top 8
    • Platform: Pokemon Showdown (Cartridge is acceptable if both players agree but Pokemon Showdown takes precedence)
    • Pairings: Pairings cannot be seen on Battlefy but are posted in this thread.
    • Contact: Players are to be contacted through Trainer Tower Forums. Any contact made outside of Trainer Tower Forums will not be considered when looking at activity, so if you're not concerned about activity you may contact wherever.
    • Extensions: Extensions will be granted where possible but please do not rely on this
    Match Reporting

    Replays are to be posted in this thread


    1 $720 USD
    2 $360 USD
    3-4 $140 USD
    5-8 $20 USD

    EDIT RE: Team Lock
    Team lock was meant to be implemented, and originally I'd planned to have players just send me a paste in any form they'd like before they start their set, but obviously, I forgot to mention that here. As a set has already been played, all of Top 8 will have no team lock, and Team Lock will start from Top 4 onwards. This means that whatever team you use in Top 4 must be used for the finals also, and must be sent to me at any point before your set. You can also update it at any point before you play Top 4. So, Top 8 will operate like Pools in that you can use any team you like with no restrictions.
    Apologies for the mistake, and if there's anything you need don't hesitate to message me.

    Bracket is here!


    Top 8 Sets

    SimipourVGC Vs MasterWizard
    Yale Vs Spurrific
    Mudcrab Vs JonoTV
    EmbC Vs Shabarai

    Good luck to you all!
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