Trainer Tower Team Cup Finals

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    Make sure you have read the front page post regarding the Team Cup Rules. It can be found here.

    Round Start: July 31st (Tuesday) 10am London Time (GMT+1) / 7pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT+10) / 2am Pacific Time (GMT-7) / 5am Eastern Time (GMT-4)

    Round End: August 7th (Monday) 10am London Time (GMT+1) / 7pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT+10) / 2am Pacific Time (GMT-7) / 5am Eastern Time (GMT-4)

    **Note: There is a 24 hour period between the round ending and the start of the next round. This will be used for activity rulings. I need to be contacted before the end of the round if an issue arises.

    Tournament Details
    • VGC Format: VGC18
    • Tournament Format: Best-Of-Three between 3 players of each team. Single Elimination.
    • Platform: Pokemon Showdown (Cartridge is acceptable if both players agree but Pokemon Showdown takes precedence)
    • Pairings: Pairings cannot be seen on Battlefy but are posted in this thread
    • Contact: Players are to be contacted through Trainer Tower Forums. Any contact made outside of Trainer Tower Forums will not be considered when looking at activity.

    Resolving Matches
    • The winner of a match will post in this thread with replays
    • Activity wins will be granted if there is clear activity, and it is the team captains job to ensure all matches are scheduled
    • Extensions of up to 24 hours may be granted under certain circumstances. Please start a conversation with me here on the forums or on Twitter or Discord if there are issues.

    Changing Pairings
    Pairings for each round between teams will be decided at random. These are not changeable unless the following occurs:
    - Both players have reasonable availability but cannot find a time that suits.
    - Both team captains agree that switching pairings is the best resolve

    I must be contacted within 72 hours of the round starting to organise this and I will need written confirmation from both captains. The team captains must also decide between them who will be swapped (looking at who has the best availability). I have no issue is neither team captain has an issue and I'd rather not call activity in a BO1 tournament when both players have availability. Both team captains can elect to not repair the pairings between their teams. Normal rules regarding activity apply and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

    Standard rules apply. A statement regarding ghosting is pinned on the forums and applies to all Trainer Tower tournaments. Standard VGC rulings including disqualification and game losses may apply at TO discretion.


    Splash Splish Vs #FreeMarsh

    Lightcore Vs AuraRayquaza
    iMagikarp Vs Animus
    Spurrific Vs Emforbes

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