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    Trainer Tower's ghosting policy applies to all tournaments run through Trainer Tower, including but not limited to all tournaments in the Trainer Tower Circuit, NPA, and World Cup.

    I. Definition
    Ghosting is defined as assisting or being assisted by another player during a tournament match. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Having another player play in one's place
    • Giving or receiving advice about what decisions / moves to make
    • Asking for or receiving help between games of a best-of-three set
    • Asking for another player to do damage calculations / check something, e.g. a Pokemon's moveset options
    • Asking another player for information about their opponent (e.g. an opponent's playstyle)
    As a general rule of thumb, communication of pertinent game information should only be discussed, if at all, with the opponent. If you couldn't do it at a live Pokemon event, don't do it here. The intention of Trainer Tower's ghosting policy is that players play their own matches individually.

    II. Punishments
    If a player or many players are found to be caught ghosting (i.e. participating in an activity outlined by section I), punishments will be issued at the discretion of the tournament organizer. At minimum, the player(s) will have their matches overturned where necessary / possible and will be disqualified from that tournament. At the tournament organizer's discretion, this punishment may be escalated to year-long tournament bans for all Trainer Tower tournaments, lifetime tournament bans for a particular tournament, lifetime tournament bans for all Trainer Tower tournaments, or a complete ban from Trainer Tower. Note to tournament organizers: punishments for ghosting should always be discussed with the head tournament organizer (Bargens).

    III. Reporting ghosting
    Ghosting should be reported to either the tournament organizer for the particular tournament, to the head tournament organizer (Bargens), or in some cases Trainer Tower moderation staff. If you see ghosting going on, whistle blowers will be offered complete anonymity and possibly rewarded for their efforts in exposing ghosting offenses. You may report ghosting through PMs on the Trainer Tower forums, or by contacting the tournament organizers in some other way they are available to communicate. Publicly tweeting an accusation of ghosting is not the way to report ghosting, for example.

    Note that these situations never actually happened, they are just being used as a demonstrative example.
    LightCore: hey, how's your TT Open match going?
    DaWoblefet: down 0-1 atm, my matchup sucks. He brought Rain, and I can't figure out what to do against him just leading Pelipper + Ludicolo with Tapu Koko in the back.
    LightCore: have you tried leading with Cress and trying to get up Trick Room? if you take away their Speed, it might help out.
    DaWoblefet: Yeah, I'll try that for game two. I'll let you know how it goes.
    DaWoblefet: alright guys, what do I do this turn
    DaWoblefet: Protect both?
    LightCore: Protect both sounds good, I don't see anything you lose from that
    JZG: if you do that, you're going to lose to the Charizard in the back. You've got to attack here imo
    LightCore: but that's pretty risky
    DaWoblefet: yeah if I lose Fini, I'm gonna lose the game
    JZG: hurry up, you're almost out of time
    (DaWoblefet Protects both, it turned out JZG's play was better)
    DaWoblefet: argh, sorry man, I messed up, you were right
    JZG: it's ok, you were rushed. I think we still have a chance though

    1) Running damage calculations on the side or looking up information of some kind
    2) Asking teammates in World Cup / NPA about whether or not the timer should be started
    LightCore: hey, how's your TT Open match going?
    DaWoblefet: down 0-1 atm, my matchup sucks.
    LightCore: focus man, you've got this
    DaWoblefet: thanks, that's the plan

    These may help you reduce the potential of ghosting negatively affecting you. They are not required, nor are they guaranteed to be effective.
    • On Showdown, using the /ioo command in a battle to make the battle hidden. Use /ionext to make your next battle hidden.
    • On Showdown, turning on the timer to force the opponent to choose moves more quickly and reduce possible discussion time.
    • On public games on Showdown, selecting the "ignore spectators" option or using the /modchat + command in battle to hide / prevent other users' messages from appearing in battle.
    • Playing on cart, if the tournament allows it. It's more difficult to communicate about moves if it's on cart compared to Showdown.
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