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    The Trainer Tower Open is well underway! We have 393 players playing in the Trainer Tower Open across the globe, with some highlight matches between successful players already. With qualification into the Trainer Tower Invitational alongside players of the Trainer Tower Circuit, there's a lot on the line for some of these players. The Invitational's prize pool exceeding $1300 USD(!!!) is surely on the mind of many players who will be competing over the coming weeks.

    Tournament Details
    • VGC Format: VGC18
    • Swiss Rounds: 8
    • Tournament Format: Best-Of-Three Swiss; All players 6-2 (2 or fewer losses) after the final round will play in a Best-Of-Three Single Elimination Top Cut
    • Platform: Pokemon Showdown (Cartridge is acceptable if both players agree but Pokemon Showdown takes precedence)
    • Posted Rounds: Each round will be posted on Battlefy at the time specified below.
    • Team Changes: Team submission will exist
    • Contact: Players are to be contacted through Trainer Tower, however Battlefy can be used if contact cannot be made through Trainer Tower to inform your opponent that they must create a Trainer Tower account.

    Round Time
    **Note daylight savings have come into effect recently. GMT will remain as GMT, however AU and NA times have changed

    • Round Begins: April 17th (Tuesday) 8am GMT / April 17th (Tuesday) 6pm AEST / April 17th (Tuesday) 1am PT / April 17th (Tuesday) 4am ET
    • Round Ends: April 23rd (Monday) 8am GMT / April 23rd (Monday) 6pm AEST / April 23rd (Monday) 1am PT / April 23rd (Monday) 4am ET

    The Round will begin on Tuesday and end on Monday, with a 24 hour period dedicated to resolving all round issues. Please ensure that any issues have been brought up with your Flight Leader prior to this time. Flight Leaders are Swanner for Flight 1 and Nightlight26 for Flight 2.

    Team Submission
    As Team Submission hasn't been used in a Trainer Tower tournament before, many players have forgotten to submit a team. To avoid unfair advantages or unnecessary game losses, Team Submission will not be active until the second round of swiss. Any player who has not submitted a team by March 13th (Tuesday) at 8am GMT will be immediately issued a round loss. No Pastebin will be opened unless an issue arises where it is necessary to do so, and only BargensVGC will have access to these Pastebins. can be used! If a team is submitted after the round starts, it will be valid for the following week and not the current week already in progress. You may submit more than once, with your last submission before cut off being the team you will use.

    Resolving Matches
    • The winner of a match may submit their win on Battlefy
    • Replays are to be saved in case of dispute. You can launch a dispute on Battlefy and PM your flight leader on the Trainer Tower Forums with replays
    • Activity wins will be granted if there is clear activity, otherwise a Best-Of-One Macho Brace Self Destructing Snorlax mirror (a coin flip) will decide the winner
    • Extensions of up to 24 hours may be granted under certain circumstances

    Writing in this thread or on your opponents profile on Trainer Tower Forums will not grant you a win. You must either:
    1. Add your flight leader to your Trainer Tower Forums Conversation with your opponent if they do not reply within a few days.
    2. Directly message your Flight Leader if you cannot find your opponent on Trainer Tower Forums or you contacted them on their profile and they have not replied.

    Writing in this thread does not guarantee anything and should be used for questions not answered in this thread.

    Please ensure you have read this entire post before going to Battlefy

    Flight 1

    Flight 2
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    Hi, I'm looking for someone called "♠Maneater❤", didn't find his profile on TT forums though. If any of his last opponents could tell me, how you contacted him, I'd be very thankful.

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