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    Credit to @Mindape for gathering & organising these resources.

    On the old Nugget Bridge forums we maintained a resource index as a central place for people to find information and useful articles, trying to make it easier than sifting through the back catalogue or using the forum search tool.

    While that original index is no longer accessible due to the hacking incident of late 2016, there is a web archive of it which we have used to create a new and updated Resource Index here on Trainer Tower.

    As we are looking to actively curate this index, please message @Mindape or one of the Trainer Tower staff if you have a suggestion for new articles or for improvements.

    • Beginner Knowledge and Basics
    • Battle Skills & Strategy
    • Competition
    • EV Spread Building
    • Preparation and Habit Forming
    • Recommended External Reading
    • Useful Information & Links
    • Blogs & External Websites
    • Content Creators

    Beginner Knowledge and Basics:

    Some helpful starting points for those beginning their journey as a VGC trainer.
    Glossary. Play! Pokemon Rules and Resources (Including a Parents Guide to Tournaments)

    Starting out in VGC:

    Getting a Team Ready:

    Useful Knowledge & Content:

    Battle Skills:
    The following are good YouTube series’ from well known and successful VGC players, featuring their tips on how to improve your skills as a trainer.
    While the above YouTube series’ cover parts of what is below, these articles are also quite good on their individual topics, and you don’t have to press pause halfway through to answer your phone.
    • R Inanimate’s Guide to Team Preview – An explanation of team preview and how to approach it to help set you up for a winning battle. Made for the 2015 format, but still very relevant to 2017.
    • Braverius’ Defend Yourself with a Question – Teaches you to justify why you’re making a particular decision in a given battle.
    • Thage’s Building a Foundation in Pokémon Part One and Part Two – How to know your opponents, and your own, disposition towards ‘predicting’ or not, and how to make use of that knowledge.
    • Superintegration’s Momentum Management – an insight into how to judge who has an advantage in terms of field position, and how to make sure that person is you.
    • Zog’s Playing to Win - An article from a veteran player covering the attitudes of a good Pokémon trainer from his perspective.


    EV Spreads:
    The following are all terrific guides to learning about EV spreads, designing them and making sure they’re appropriate.

    Preparation and Habit Forming:
    These articles focus on what you can do to improve your game, both in preparation outside of battling, and in the development habits during battle practice.
    • Training for Pokemon like an Elite Athlete by Mindape. Aims to give an insight from an Olympian into how to set up your background preparation to get the most improvement out of yourself as a Pokemon trainer. He has also written a recent follow up article to that on Pokemon Australia.
    • Bearsfan092’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Trainers – This article briefly covers good habits to get yourself into both within battles and your approach to practising in general, as well as good attitudes to have.
    • DaWoblefet’s Stepping it Up: Small Ways to Improve Your Game – Although targeted at the VGC 2013 Metagame, this article offers some handy tips on the sort of 1% improvements you can make to your playing, both inside battles and before them. These small things can sometimes make the difference between winning or losing a battle, so you’ll want to give yourself every chance by reading up.
    • Werford’s Three Habits of Ineffective Players – This may help you recognise bad habits you have while training and/or battling, and hopefully remedy them. This is a good article to read in conjunction with Bearsfan092’s Habits of Highly Effective Trainers.
    • Dark51’s No More Johns: Treatise on Consistency and Efficiency – Surprisingly, not a diatribe against people named John. In short, it is a piece encouraging you not to make excuses, especially when deciding about things such as the trade of power over accuracy.
    • Werford’s Common Cognitive Biases in Competitive Pokémon – This is another good article from Werford, this time helping you recognise biases that can affect your thought process in battle. Jiwa has also written more recently on this topic.
    Useful Information and Links:
    These are great resources for players to refer to during the season, or when building teams.

    VGC 2017 Speed Tiers
    Battle Spot Usage Stats
    Pokemon Showdown Usage Stats
    Damage Calculator
    Pokemon Forever Team Builder
    Pokémon Event Locator
    Pokémon VG Championship Point Leaderboards
    Pokemon Global Link QR Rental Teams
    World Championship Annals (Google Doc) - A spreadsheet detailing all Worlds Representatives, and their teams at each World Championship if the data is available.

    Blogs and External Sites:

    • - You are here. A successor to Nugget Bridge as a home for VGC on the internet.
    • Smogon VGC Forums - The subforum on Smogon for VGC players. Yes Smogon does more than just singles and banning things. Led by Blarajan.
    • Amalgame - A Japanese site with some free and some subscription content. Great source of team reports from around the world.
    • - A site dedicated to delivering VGC related news, with a more journalistic take on reporting
    • - A site run by @Temple, does analyses of Pokemon and the metagame, very useful for beginners.
    • - The hub for VGC news in Australia. Publishes results, usage stats and other useful content.
    • /r/stunfisk - A Subreddit dedicated to competitive battling, with a helpful community. Also a place to aggregate content from other sites.
    • - The hub for the Singaporean community, with reports and information for Singapore
    • Battling Zone Site (Italy)
    • Evo Pokemon Site (Latin America)
    • Trainer Valley Site (Latin America)
    • Eviolite Guatemala Site
    • Pokemex Site (Mexico)
    • Hikers Mt. Silver Site (Mexico)
    • VGC Columbia Site
    • Walavii Site (Latin America)
    • Cafe com Pokemon Site (Brasil)
    • VGC With Hats’ Site
    • Indonesian Pokemon Community Site and Forums
    • Pokemon Phillipines Site

    Facebook Sites:

    UK & Ireland VGC
    Pokemon Australia
    General VGC Group
    K.L. Raikous (Malaysia)
    The Mirage Island (Singapore)
    European VGC Facebook Group
    Pokemon UAE Facebook Page

    Content Creators:

    North America

    Wolfey (YT, Twitch)
    Cybertron (YT, Twitch)
    Alex Ogloza (YT)
    James Baek (YT, Twitch)
    Ray Rizzo (YT)
    Joshua Lorcy (YT, Twitch)
    Tommy Cooleen (YT, Twitch)
    Gabby Snyder (YT, Twitch)
    Giovanni Costa (YT)
    Yellowbox (YT)
    Ryuzaki (Twitch)
    MasterMarkVGC (Twitch)
    Pokemex - Mexico (YT)
    Tablemon - Mexico (YT, Twitch)
    Liberty Garden (Twitch)
    Pokemon VGC Center (Twitch)

    Hibiki - Austria (YT, Twitch)
    Barry Anderson - UK (Youtube)
    Markus Stadter (13Yoshi37) - Germany (YT, Twitch)
    Team Jamie: Boyt, Miller and Kean - UK (Youtube 1, 2, 3)
    Osirus - UK (Youtube)
    Sekiam - Spain (YT, Twitch)
    Haricot [TV] - France (YT, Twitch)
    The Saxlad (Twitch)

    MasaVAmpharos -Japan (YT, Twitch)
    Taroimo (YT, Twitch)
    The Mirage Island - Singapore (YT, Twitch)
    eXalpha VGC/PokemonVGC Malaysia (YT, Twitch)
    Jt Pkmn - Singapore (YT)

    South America
    EvoPokemon (YT)
    PeruPkmn League (YT, Twitch)

    Pokemon Australia (YT)
    EXPGamingAU (Twitch)
    Floristthebudew (YT)
    Basein2 (YT, Twitch)
    No. 1 Machop Fan (YT)

    Trainer Tower (Twitch)
    Nugget Bridge (Youtube, Twitch)
    SmogonU (Twitch)
    Pokemon VGC EU (Twitch)
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