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    World Cup of VGC 2017
    Rules Document

    This document serves to lay out the rules governing The World Cup of VGC 2017 online tournament. This document is subject to change until 00:00 27/08/2017 at which point it will be locked in the format it is at that point in time.

    Application of the Rules and Schedule:

    1. The World Cup of VGC is a Pokemon VGC online tournament run by TheSaxlad and TrainerTower

    1.1 Both organisers have the final say over any disputed rulings that may occur throughout the tournament.

    1.2 Should a Player or Manager feel that a ruling is wrong according to the ruleset then they may go to the other organiser who will make a final ruling, at this point whatever the ruling is will stay unchallengeable for the rest of the tournament.

    1.3 The Schedule of the tournament will be as follows (all dates are inclusive):

    Group Stage R1: 28th August - 3rd September
    Group Stage R2: 4th September - 10th September
    Group Stage R3 11th September - 17th September
    Top 8 Elimination: 18th September - 24th September
    Top 4 Elimination: 25th September -1st October
    Finals: 2nd October- 8th October

    1.4 Each round will consist of 8 games, these games will be split into the following formats:

    4 x VGC 2017
    2 x VGC 2016
    1 x VGC 2015
    1 x VGC 2014

    1.5 At the end of the round, the win / loss record will be tallied up and the team with the better record shall be declared the winner.

    1.6 In the group stages teams shall receive 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss. In the knockout stages the team that has the better record shall move to the next round, whilst the team that loses will be ejected from the competition.

    1.7 The ruleset for the competition will follow the Pokemon Video Game Championships ruleset as of the World Championships of each year, which can be found here:

    VGC 2017: http://www.swiss-nintendo-league.ch...le/2017_play_pokemon_vg_rules_and_formats.pdf

    VGC 2016: https://volcanicgamingdotcom.files....16-play-pokc3a9mon-vg-rules-and-formats-1.pdf

    VGC 2015: http://pokemonaustralia.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/VGC2015_FORMATS.pdf

    VGC 2014:

    1.8 Regardless of what is said in the above rules documents, all games will be played unhidden on Pokemon Showdown, unless either player has a capture card and will livestream the match on Trainer Tower, or their own respective twitch channel. In which case games can either be played on Sun / Moon, or the respective game cart on the official ruleset. However, both players must agree to do this. If this is not the case, the game must then be played on Pokemon Showdown.


    2. All Managers will submit a teamlist of 12 players from their region before 00:00UTC 23/08/2017

    2.1 Managers are allowed to play however, they must count themselves as 1 of the 12 available players if they do.

    2.3 If necessary any substitutes can be made by any Manager until 14:00UTC 25/08/2017, after which teams must contain the same players throughout the duration of the event.

    3 The draw will commence in the evening of 25/08/2017, and be broadcast transparently on Twitch.

    3.1 The teams will be drawn into four groups equal groups of four teams each. The Semi-Finalists from The World Cup of VGC have already been allocated their groups before the draw, and these groups are as follows:

    Group A: U.S West
    Group B: Germany
    Group C: Italy
    Group D: Spain

    The rest of the teams will be split pre-draw into geographical groups, these groups are as follows:

    Latin America: Latam North, Plate Latam , Andes Latam
    Europe: UK, Rest of Europe
    North America: US East, US Central, Canada
    Oceania: Australia, South East Asia, East Asia, Japan

    3.2 The draw will have 5 randomised lists, one containing the four groups and the other 4 containing the countries from each geographical group. A country will then be randomly selected from the geographical group, and a group will then be randomly selected from the group lists, this country will then enter that group for the group stages of the tournament.

    3.3 Once a group has a member country from a geographical group, it is ineligible to receive another, and will be removed from that geographical groups' list.

    3.4 Once all groups are filled, the draft will be called complete and these four groups will then be unchangeable for the rest of the tournament.


    4. The group stages will then follow the Schedule set out in 1.3

    4.1 Before each week a teamsheet of 8 people will be submitted to the organisers.

    4.2 Each Manager must submit a teamsheet before 23:59UTC of the Sunday before the next week. This teamsheet must contain both the players selected and which format they are playing. These should be sent via Direct Message on Facebook, Twitter or Discord to TheSaxlad.

    4.3 Missing the teamsheet selection deadline will mean a loss of 1 game for the team that missed the deadline per round. Both teams will still play every game in the set as normal, however the team that was late will start the 0-1.

    5 After the group stages have finished, the top two teams from each group will commence forward to the top 8.

    5.1 The top two teams in each group will be the teams that finished the group stages with the highest amount of points as per rule 1.6

    5.2 Should two teams have the same amount of points they will then be ranked on their
    Win: Loss number. If the tiebreaker still cannot be solved, they will then be ranked on No. of games won, with the team with the higher number of games won ranked higher.

    Should this still not produce a winner, the winner of the head to head between the two teams will advance to the next round.

    5.3 If the tiebreaker can still not be solved as per rule 5.2 a coin shall be flipped and called by the team whose name is alphabetically first. The winner of this coin flip shall then be ranked above the loser.

    6. After the group stages Top Cut elimination will then be played.

    6.1 The Top Cut elimination will consist of the same format as the Group Stage.

    6.2 If a draw should occur in the knockout stage, each team will play another 3 game set, with the games as follows:

    1 x VGC 2017
    1 x VGC 2016
    1 x VGC 2015

    The winning team from this set, will then advance to the next knockout round, and the loser ejected from the tournament.

    6.3 The team that triumphs in the Final of the knockout stage will be declared the Winner.

    Reporting Scores

    7. Score reporting should be done in the active thread for that weeks battles.

    7.1 All games must be played and scores reported by 23:59UTC of the last day of each playing week. Failure to do so may result in scores not being recorded properly, or struck from the round altogether.

    7.2 A score should be reported as a 2:0 or 2:1 victory, along with either the Pokemon Showdown replays or the 3DS Battle Codes.

    7.3 Failure to do this may result in the result not being recorded properly, or struck from the round altogether.

    Other Rules
    8.0 Ghosting (helping another player during a match) is strictly prohibited. Any player found to have ghosted, or be ghosting during the tournament will take a set loss and be immediately banned from this World Cup and all future World Cup Tournaments.

    8.1 A player must keep the same team for the duration of a 3 game set each week. Players are free to change teams between weeks, but not between games in a set. Any player found to have changed teams, whether accidentally or otherwise will be handed a set loss and banned from this World Cup.

    8.2 Should a player turn up more than 1 hour late to their match, without external mitigating factors (i.e broken down transport / hospital etc) they will automatically lose their set. This will be decided on evidence (conversation logs from TrainerTower / Twitter) and will be decided on a case by case basis. Once the Organiser makes a decision that decision is final. The decision can be appealed by the mechanism outlined in Rule 1.2.

    8.3 If a external mitigating factor exists, an extension will be given for both players to attempt to complete their game at a later time, at the discretion of the organiser.

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