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    World Cup of VGC begins soon! Some details have been explained below for the 2019 season of the World Cup of VGC.

    Timeline (all dates inclusive):

    Player Selection:
    Mid-August -> 6th September
    Announcement of pools: 7th/8th September (TBC)
    Group Stage Round 1 9th September -> 15th September
    Group Stage Round 2 16th September -> 22nd September
    Group Stage Round 3 23rd September -> 29th September
    Top 8 Elimination Round 30th September -> 6th October
    Semi-Finals 7th October -> 13th October
    Final 14th October -> 20th October

    Tournament Details
    • Tournament Format: Group Stage -> Top Cut (all Best-Of-Three between players)
    • Top 8: Top 2 teams from each group of 4 teams will move on to Top 8
    • Platform: Pokemon Showdown; subject to change if games are to be streamed. Players may play on cartridge if both players agree
    • Pairings: Pairings will be posted on Trainer Tower Forums
    Cheating such as ghosting or changing moves/items/etc on Pokemon will be punished if sufficient evidence exists. Other forms of cheating will also be punished and will be punished to a degree determined by myself, and will be reflective of the extent of influence it had on the World Cup of Pokemon. Our policy on ghosting is listed here.

    A new ruleset is being introduced this year including bans!

    Formats played will be the following
    1x VGC14**
    1x VGC15
    1x VGC16
    1x VGC17
    1x VGC18
    1x VGC19 Sun Series
    1x VGC19 Moon Series
    3x VGC19 Ultra Series

    8 matches will be played each week, and each team will ban 1 format listed above. If both teams select the same format, 1x VGC19 Ultra Series will be banned alongside the format both teams banned.

    **VGC14 is to be played, not VGC14.5 (move tutors). Any player who shows a VGC14.5 exclusive move will be given a set loss. If the VGC14.5 exclusive Pokemon/move is seen after the completion of the set, the result will be reversed. Please ensure this does not occur.

    NEW! VGC13 Clause
    Both teams may elect to replace 1 format listed above with VGC13. This clause will only come into effect if the managers of both teams want to play VGC13, and if they can both agree on a format to replace. If one manager does not wish to play VGC13, VGC13 will not be played.

    8 players play per team per week, and the points awarded are 3 for a win, 1 for a tie and 0 for a loss.
    Tiebreakers in groups will be determined by overall Win:Loss in sets across all 3 weeks. Head to head will then follow if this is still a tie, and a set between 1 player of each team in VGC19 Sun Series if there is still a tie.

    **A1 = Group A, 1st seed

    Left Side of the bracket
    A1 Vs C2
    B1 Vs D2

    Right Side of the bracket
    C1 Vs A2
    B2 Vs D1

    Role of the managers
    Managers must submit their format ban, and once contacted again their line up of 8 players each week, and this can be changed up until the deadline. Missing the deadline (posting of pairings) will result in the lineup being the same as the previous week. The VGC13 clause will also only be applicable if the decision is made between both managers.
    They will also be used in decision making if issues arise between teams. If an issue exists between 2 teams and both managers can come to an agreeable compromise, their decision will overrule mine.

    Substitutions can be made by a manager if one of the following is true
    1. There is an issue with a players availability not previously known, and I am notified within 24 hours of the round being up.
    2. Both managers agree that a substitution is either necessary or allowed due to scheduling issues or availability of players. This can be done at any point but both managers need to contact me to organise substituting a player/players.

    Extensions may be granted under reasonable circumstances as determined by myself

    Reporting Scores
    This will be determined once we decide on how and where WCOP will operate.

    A streaming team has also been organised for World Cup of VGC and more details will be released shortly and added to this post.

    I look forward to hosting the World Cup and any questions can be directed to me on Discord, Trainer Tower, or Twitter!
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