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    Hey all, Charizard X is one of my favorite mons and so naturally i wanted to make a competitive VGC 18 team surrounding and supporting it! Been playing quite a bit on showdown testing the team and making adjustments where i thought needed. I don't have a ton of experience so there are certainly quite a few things that could be improved so i just won't see due to lack of xp but that you might. Any help or suggestions is highly appreciated as i want to make the best Zard X team i can and start taking on some local tournaments. Anywho here goes:


    Charizard-Mega-X @ Charizardite X
    Ability: Tough Claws
    Level: 50
    EVs: 12 HP/ 132 ATK/ 28 Def/ 92 Sp Def/ 244 Speed
    Jolly Nature
    - Flare Blitz
    - Dragon Dance
    - Protect
    - Dragon Claw

    Credit to @JackTheBattler for this Zard X set. For those of you who don't know, here's what the spread does. The current speed spread allows Zard X to outspeed timid hydreigon by 1 point and retaliate with Dragon Claw, effectively OHKOing it. The defensive Ev's allow for survival against a Zen headbutt from jolly M-metagross UNDER psychic terrain. Additionally it's special defense investment allows for survival against psychic from tapu lele under psychic terrain w/o any sort of damage boosting item such as life orb or psychium Z. Protect and DDance are pretty standard on Z.


    Landorus-Therian @ Assault Vest
    Ability: Intimidate
    Level: 50
    EVs: 132 HP / 116 Atk / 4 Def / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
    Adamant Nature
    - Earthquake
    - U-turn
    - Knock Off
    - Rock Slide

    Wanting an answer to the popular Zard Y's and the occasional Khang (at least for me) AV Lando seemed like a great answer, plus with it's great stats and intimidate it's no wonder it's #1 most used this season. Some notable defensive calcs:
    • +1 252+ SpA Tapu Fini Muddy Water vs. 132 HP / 4 SpD Assault Vest Landorus-T: 122-146 (67.4 – 80.6%) — guaranteed 2HKO
    • 252+ SpA Choice Specs Tapu Koko Hidden Power Ice vs. 132 HP / 4 SpD Assault Vest Landorus-T: 148-176 (81.7 – 97.2%) — guaranteed 2HKO
    Some notable attack Calcs:
    • 116+ Atk Landorus-T Rock Slide vs. 252 HP / 76 Def Mega Charizard Y: 208-248 (112.4 – 134%) — guaranteed OHKO, which normally does not get OHKO by jolly lando's
    • 116+ Atk Landorus-T Earthquake vs. 244 HP / 4 Def Shuca Berry Heatran: 132-156 (67 – 79.1%) — guaranteed 2HKO (with 2 mons out)
    I prefer knock off due to the abundance of berry carrying mons, and for some extra dark type coverage. EQ and RS pretty standard on Lando's, and U-turn to have an option to back out and reset intimidate or basically just switch to something more advantageous. I'll go into good partners later.


    Cresselia @ iapapa berry
    Ability: Levitate
    Level: 50
    EVs: 220 HP / 188 Def / 100 SpD
    Bold Nature
    IVs: 0 Atk
    - Icy Wind
    - Psychic
    - helping hand
    - Ally Switch/Moonlight

    Really liked Cress due to the synergy it has with my team and for it's levitate ability plus speed control. Selected bold nature over a SpD one due to the abundance of physical attackers right now. Defensive Ev's allow for the survival of shadow ball from aegislash, making it a 2HKO, as well as surviving dark pulse from Hydreigon, of which my charizard outspeeds and can OHKO, but char won't always be on the field at the same time at Cress. I wanted some form of speed control as my mons arent all exactly lightning quick or anything and didn't really have a tailwind user atm. Helping hand helps get those crucial KO's or basically just more damage from Lando's EQ or Fini's Muddy water spread damage. Not really sure on moonlight/ally switch, ally switch has come clutch plenty of times with correct prediction's but moonlight seems like generally the safer option to have.


    Tapu Fini @ Choice Specs
    Ability: Misty Surge
    Level: 50
    EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 Speed
    Modest Nature
    IVs: 0 Atk
    - Muddy Water
    - Moonblast
    - Haze
    - Scald

    Char X while not weak to water, Lando and T-tar are, so i wanted a semi-bulkish mon with water typing to add a resistance to water and covering amoonguss's weakness in addition to having synergy with cresselia as well. Spec's boosted helping hand Muddy water hit's most things for ~half and 2HKO's most mon's not resisted to it. Honestly not sure what spread to use here, was hoping to maybe find some help here, so for now just dumped all into health and special attack for bulk and offensive pressure. Haze to reset stats for those team's where things tend to get out of control, Moonblast and Scald for hard hitting ST attacks. Have played around with Dazzling gleam boosted by specs+helping hand and it's worked out well, however helping hand can't always go off so opted for moonblast instead for solid damage.


    Amoonguss @ Sitrus Berry
    Ability: Regenerator
    Level: 50
    EVs: 240 HP / 172 Def / 96 SpD
    IVs: 0 Atk
    Nature: Relaxed
    - Protect
    - Giga Drain
    - Spore
    - Rage Powder

    Next i was looking around for a decent grass type mon that i felt fit into my team and contributed. Played around with Bulu in this slot for some time, but couldn't really make it work very well. Honestly saw more losses using bulu than not. Amoonguss has actually worked out quite a bit better, with redirection allowing Char to set up at times in addition to coming in for those resistant plays into fini's/lando's slot. I feel like amoonguss definitely has better synergy with the team. Chose giga drain since i felt i needed some grass coverage on the team, has tried energy ball but idk i just like the recovery from giga+regenerator.

    As i lack a taunter on the team, felt like i needed to somehow make this amoonguss work in TR if it goes up, which it sometimes does when i'm unable to OHKO their setter, which if i see a potential TR setter i usually bring Ttar and Z move it. Anywho, relaxed for TR, and defensive EV's allow survival from Mega-metagross zen headbutt's as well as Lando Z EQ, which it sometimes comes in for when targeted at Ttar or fini at times. Have played around with sludge bomb and clear smog but again, felt like i needed a grass move somewhere, particularly for swamperts and milotics.

    Tyranitar @ Darkinium Z
    Ability: Sand Stream
    Level: 50
    EVs: 236 HP / 124 Atk / 28 Def / 52 SpD / 68 Spe
    Adamant Nature
    - Crunch
    - Protect
    - Rock Slide
    - Low Kick

    Ttar is my answer is TR teams that try and set up, in addition for Cress which is just so darn bulky lol, Z Crunch OHKO's opposing cresselias. Low kick for fighting coverage, usually into heatrans mainly. Rock slide because its just such an awesome move, providing luck is on your side, and protect bc protect. Tyranitars ev's are again credit to @jackthebattler with a slight modification found on ttars vgc analysis 18.
    It's defensive ev's allow survival from iron head from a jolly mega metagross as well as surviving choice specs boosted moonblast from lele. Basically a decently bulky Ttar with everything else thrown into offense!

    Team Synergy:


    Lando Cress is one of my favorite leads, can either HH boost EQ's, EQ while icy winding, or perhaps double attack into a slot. These often see themselves together on the battlefield and usually works well.


    Thanks to HH, muddy water usually hits non-resisted mons into 2HKO range, this fini is kind of slow as i mentioned the EV's could certainly use work, however these two are a pretty strong powerhouse together.

    Zard X + Amoonguss

    Amoonguss usually helps deter attackers and allow for a DDance to go up, can protect Zar and spore whatever threatens it followed by a rage powder and DDance. These two are just a strong combo together.

    Zard X + Fini

    Zard X mainly fears those rock slides, usually provided by either Ttar or Lando's which fini can help make short work of with either scald or muddy water. Generally there is some switching involved while fini clears up.

    Other combos are definitely there, those just happen to be my favorite leads generally.

    Well that's the team fellas! Been playing a lot of it and just really want to see if it can be improved in any way. As i said i don't have a ton of xp playing vgc so i might just not have the mindset to see how it can be improved myself. Please let me know how it can be, no need to hold back!

    Thanks again.

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